UxU Studio is a multi-disciplinary collective based in Taiwan, working across architecture, design and art. Founded in 2013 by Kuan-Hung Chen and Ying-Chu Chen, UxU Studio has delivered a diverse of work, ranging from objects up to monumental space installation. We often build things by ourselves. Through the learning by making process, we can further discover the essence of things and stimulate new ideas.

We are always interesting in the ‘Unusual’ of ‘Usual’ thngs.

It’s really hard to define UxU Studio. We are people fanatic of creation. Enjoying doing things without limitation and making things beyond imagination.

Our expertise:


Interior Design

Retail Design

Material & Product Explore

Curation & Exhibition Design

Communication Design

Graphic Design & Photography

有用主張 UxU Studio 由陳冠宏與陳映竹於2013年共同創立,為一多元取向的跨領域團隊,成員複合建築、室內、視覺、藝術創作、工業設計等跨領域背景,具備豐富的學經歷、現場創作能力、材料開發與工程經驗。